The MCL offers a variety of activities, workshops, and programs for members of all ages during the school year from August through May.  We also have summer camps for children in the months of June and July. To see our report on the 2016 SpectaculArts June and July camps, click here.

Our activities, workshops, and programs  are scheduled depending on funding, interest, space, and availability of qualified instructors and volunteers. We are able to offer some programs free; others may have a cost which we try to keep to a minimum. For the programs we are presently able to offer, see below.

If you are able to offer a workshop or activity, or have an idea for one you would like to see offered, contact us, or better yet, come talk with us at the library.

Library membership may be required in order to participate in some of the activities and programs. Library Programs are subject to change without prior written notice.


Reading in Schools

When the staff is available, the MCL sends volunteers to elementary schools to read to children in their classroom. Teachers and principals interested in having a reader from the MCL visit their school should call the library and ask to speak to Josseant Flores Cruz.

Special Reading Activities and Workshops at the Library

Special reading activities for children, often including handicraft activities, are held at the library Saturday mornings, To see posters from different types of activities held during 2015 – 2016, click here. Our special activities are announced on Facebook (Biblioteca Juvenil) and in the event section of this website.

Reading and Math Tutoring for Children 2nd to 5th Grade

On various occasions in the past, the Library has had a tutoring program. We have received a grant which will pay for the development of a new program to be launched in 2017.  When it is ready, it will be announced on this page. 

Stamp Collectors Club

The MCL sponsors a stamp-collecting club; its name in Spanish is Club Filatelico Juvenil

Meeting place:  the Activity Room of the Library

Meeting time:   the first Thursday of the month from September through May (2nd Thursday of January) beginning at 3:00 PM, for an hour

Requirements: interest and ability to read; members are usually age 6 to 15 but some parents have taken
an active interest too.


Summer Camp

The MCL sponsors reading and arts camps at the library during the months of June and July.  Registration begins in mid or late April; you will find an announcement on this page when we open registration for 2017.  For a more complete idea of our camps, check out the following links.

Camp Report for 2016    

Additional Pictures, 2016 Camps


Help Gathering Information

An important goal of the MCL is to help students succeed in school and on the educational path they take after high school. As a library, we want to support our schools by helping students to ask the right questions and find answers to them.

At the moment we have only a small volunteer staff to show our users how to use our print and online materials effectively. Please come for help early; waiting until the last minute could mean that help is minimal or not available.

If you know how to search for information on a computer, consider applying to become a volunteer and teaching other people to find information online.

Job and Community Service Training and Experience

As we have said in various places on this website, the MCL runs on volunteer power. We recruit and train students in their last year of high school to maintain the library online catalog, keep books organized on our shelves, and other essential jobs in a library. Qualified students at earlier stages of their intermediate and high school education can also participate in this program.

The training and service that go with being a volunteer at the MCL are as valuable, if not more valuable than paid work, due to the fact that one is voluntarily serving the community,  Our volunteers get experience with applying for a job, participating in a job interview, following instructions, being dependable, working on a team and many other aspects of the working world.  Students interested in serving as volunteers should apply at the Library.


Computer Workshop

The MCL offers a Basic Computing Workshop which has been designed to give adult beginners knowledge of the computer (its essential components and functions: monitor, keyboard, mouse, operating system, icons, windows, and document handling) and basic skills of navigating the Internet (search engine, You Tube as example of educational site, email and chatting.) 

The workshop consists of 16 hours of instruction and supervised practice; it meets two mornings a week from 9:30-11:30, on days which are convenient for the students and teacher. 

We are developing a second workshop to cover the three programs in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

For more information on the workshops, call or visit the library and ask to speak with Felipe Sepulveda.