We have new volunteers at the MCL!

Adelissa Gonzalez

Adaliz N. Cruz

Adaliz N. Cruz just finished her bachelors in Applied Music, combined with a Minor in Music Education from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. She aspires to pursue graduate studies in Library Science and has joined the MCL staff in order to learn more about the field. In the past, she has volunteered at the Bella Vista Adventist Academy Library in Mayagüez and has worked in the Art Library of the Benjamin S Rosenthal Library in Queens College, New York. As part of her work in MCL, Adaliz helped to catalog the Coretta Scott King Collection.


Leonardo Colón

Leonardo Colón is finishing a BA in Liberal Studies at the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He aspires to pursue a master's degree in librarianship. His interests include art, entrepreneurship and healthy lifestyles. He believes that free access to information has the power to change and transform lives.  In December 2017 he began working at the Mayagüez Children’s Library as a volunteer.

Adelissa Gonzalez

Yahaira López


Joel Rivera

Frances Aponte

MCL Staff

About his work at the MCL/BJM, Michael González says” I was a work-study volunteer from May to July, 2016 while I studied at MBTI Business Training Institute. Since then he has continued to help in many ways at the front desk. When he is not helping our patrons to use computers and find information, which is what he enjoys most, he enters books in the library software.

Hi, my name is Felipe Sepulveda, and I started to work at the BJM in March of 2016. My area of expertise is computers, however I consider myself a reading fanatic so sharing my experience with computers in a library setting makes me feel as if I were in my home all the time. I work at the library providing assistance to the public both at the front desk and in the computer center; it’s a pleasure to give the best of myself and serve the community.


The Mayagüez Children’s Library functions because of the contributions of our volunteers.

Our volunteers are a diverse and dedicated group. Everyone who  believes in and uses this library offers them our sincere thanks for their individual contributions. The Administration would not be able to run the library without them.

Go to Get Involved for details on the kinds of work volunteers do. If you would like to volunteer, Contact Us for an appointment for an interview. 

Here’s to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay.
                                                                                                                     ~Robert Orben

Carmen Morales is our longest-serving active volunteer. She helps children develop reading skills and keeps books organized on the shelves. Thank you Carmen for your almost 10 years of faithful service.

Alma R. Rivera is retired from the Department of Family Services.. As a volunteer at the MCL she dedicates four to six hours a day helping children and young people with their school assignments.

Carlos Toro is a great man to have around when it comes to clearing and reorganizing space. It’s not just that he is strong, but he has lots of knowledge of planning and logistics from his years in the military. We’ve asked him to help in a lot of other ways, and he’s always ready and willing. 

Different student groups provide Saturday morning programs for children. Pictured above are members of the English Department Student Association (EDSA) at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez who sponsored a Dr. Seuss Day.

De Hostos High School Seniors, Genesis Marero and Jerry García, are fulfilling their graduation community service requirement at the MCL. Here they are working on a review of all our books for early readers to be sure they are correctly listed in the library cataloging software.